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Prayer & Fasting | ...21 Days Corporate prayer & fasting

Day 21 of 21 Days - Bliss & Fire Church and Network Corporate Prayer and Fasting 2017


Our LORD and GOD! FATHER of ALL Creations. YOU seated upon the Throne in Heaven and use the Earth has YOUR Footstool—Grace, Goodness, and Mercy are YOURS towards us. Hallelujah!
FATHER GOD YOU Reign in Splendor and in Majesty over the Heavens and the Earth and by YOUR Love through JESUS CHRIST—THY Son—YOU called us unto YOURSELF and makes us YOUR Sons and Daughters forever more. 
And has YOUR Sons and Daughters we come and bow before YOU—and we receive Empowerment, Anointing, Blessing, and Breakthrough. Salvation and Healing—the Fire to ignite our world with the Love of JESUS CHRIST. Amen! 
We love YOU FATHER GOD! We thank YOU for YOUR VISITATION during our Waiting and Prayers! HOLY SPIRIT of GOD, we thank YOU for the Strength YOU gave us all to WAIT upon THEE. We TOTALLY submit to YOUR LORDSHIP in Love and in Obedience now and always in CHRIST JESUS our SAVIOR. Amen! 

Day 20 of 21 Days - Bliss & Fire Church and Network Corporate Prayer and Fasting 2017. It's Time to Prophesy Blessing over your life.

Beloved! It's a New Season of Grace and Empowerment in your Life. We declare Blessings of GOD over your Life, your Family, your Ministries, and the Nations of the World. 
I say the Power to win Souls for the Kingdom of Heaven shall rest upon your life and increase over you. 
The LORD shall answer your prayers even before you call. You shall be Great and be a Great Blessing to your Generation. Amen! (Isaiah 65:24)
Go and be Blessed, have Testimony and your Testimony shall REMAIN. Amen!

~ Pastor Wales Goriola