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Prayer & Fasting | ...21 Days Corporate prayer & fasting

Day 21 of 21 Days - Corporate Prayer and Fasting 2018


Almighty GOD! YOU Reign in Splendor and Majesty over the Heavens and the Earth. FATHER GOD in YOUR Love through JESUS CHRIST—THY Son YOU call us onto YOURSELF and makes us YOUR Sons and Daughters forever more.
YOUR Grace, YOU lavish over our lives that we may enjoy the fullness of YOU on Earth by the Power of the HOLY SPIRIT. We are forever GRATEFUL for YOUR Love. Amen!

On this final day 21 of our 21 Days - Corporate Prayer and Fasting 2018 by the Unction HIS the HOLY SPIRIT and HIS Anointing over my life.

I speak Grace unlimited over everyone member and everyone that joined in fasting and prayer through this 21 days.

I say the Oil of HIS Anointing that flow over you shall NEVER cease over your Life. And the Strength of the LORD our GOD shall be your Strength in Life.

I say you shall be ABOVE ONLY according to the WORD of GOD (Deuteronomy 28:13). You shall not settle for anything less. The Blessings that dwells Above will be your Blessing in the Name of JESUS CHRIST.

I say everything in Life will take you Above in your career, in your Ministry, in your Family, and among Friends, in your Job, and in your Business.

I say your Season as Change for the Best you shall Enjoy and Experience an unusual Glory of the LORD GOD in your Life henceforth in JESUS CHRIST Mighty Name.

The LORD shall cause you to Experience HIS Divine Visitation that will Change your Life forever. And cause you to have a mind blowing Testimony in Life.

I say your Season as CHANGE! And in this New Season of your Life--after you have patiently sought the FACE of the LORD, in your humbleness and in your brokenness the LORD has heard you.

I say the Floodgates of Heaven have been OPEN for your Breakthrough and your Manifestation in JESUS CHRIST Mighty Name. Amen!