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Achieving Your Goals

  |   Author: Pastor Chukwuma Akobundu

God wants to work with you to achieve your desires in life, so get your mind, emotions and will together and fix your gaze on Him then you will have the right motivation to rise above every challenge in life.

To achieve your goals in life, you must be committed, you need to commit yourself to your visions and the target you set for yourself, if there is a lack of commitment as it is with many people today, then you cannot succeed, you must deal with the issue of commitment, not many in our day know what it is to be committed to a course. No matter how long it takes, practice to be committed. When you have a dream or a goal, you have to understand it and not to be distracted by other things, rather re-organize your mind, focus on your target or goal and follow it.

Too many of God's children are living scattered lives, they lack order and are very disorganized. They dream about so many things at the same time and none of these things get realized and they get frustrated. Don't live a scattered life, determine what you want in life and stick with it instead of drifting from one dream to another showing lack of understanding. You have to know that you cannot be involved in every thing under the sun, learn to know your best foot and put it forward and keep moving it forward instead of looking everywhere to change direction when things appear rough. You must understand "you" and learn to discipline yourself.

The greatest problem most people have is with themselves; their lack of commitment and procrastination, they are always complacent about things that will be to their benefit. You see, someone else's lack of commitment can never hinder you, but your own can; you can choose to be your best friend of your worst enemy. Give yourself no option in your race for excellence, then get a whip for yourself, learn to pin the other guy in "you" see in your mirror down. The Lord Jesus has whipped the devil; the one not yet defeated is you. You have got to train yourself, discipline and organize yourself, you have to get the word of God into your spirit and let it dominate your mind, renew your thinking and drive yourself. So many young people in our midst today are suffering from mental laziness; your first moments in a day should be dedicated to creativity and deep meditation on the word. You use it to do your mind work, birth your day, for it is you alone who can decide the kind of day, week, month or year you will have, you will be the one to decide the kind of life you want to live. Some wake up and run in every direction only to end up achieving nothing; If only they got themselves organized by actually setting tangible goals for themselves. When you wake up in the morning, what you do will tell the kind of day you are going to have, always prepare for a good day, create a beautiful world for yourself, no one else will make it for you. 

The Bible says in Eccl. 2:26 

"For God giveth to man that is good in His sight, wisdom and knowledge and joy, but to the sinner He giveth travail to gather and heap up that he may give it to him that is good before God".

God gives you wisdom, knowledge and joy to put you in charge at all times not for you to suffer every known hardship in this life. He blesses you to establish His covenant with you, wake up with a spirit of dominion in your heart and when you begin to pray, let His light beam upon your mind, let Him give you the right ideas and how to achieve your goals for that day.

The dreams God has put in your heart belongs to you, only you can bring them into existence, you are the only one that can birth your God given dream, but you have to understand them, then set the right goals and take bold steps to achieve them. Learn to believe in your dreams, be patient to see the end result and never quit on your dreams.

Achieving your goals in life depends on your walking with the ability and light that God gives you through His word and His presence. Spending time praying according to the word brings boldness and confidence to go after your goals in life. Become committed to achieving your dreams, be single minded to bring it to pass, stir your heart up with the word and hold on to your God given dreams even in the face of challenges, be patient like a farmer who casts his seed into the ground and waits patiently for it to bring forth fruit in it's season.

God has ordained that we prosper in all things that we do. If you do not have a dream yet, go to God in prayers, ask Him to give you one, let Him know your heart desire, determine what you want to achieve in your life and let Him unfold the plan to you. Never find yourself without anything to pursue, for without a vision, the people perish. If you do not expect to achieve anything within a given time, at the end you will not receive anything and this is the main reason why so many are standing still in life

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