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Rev. Dr. David M. White

Rev. Dr. David M. White is the Pastor and Founder of New Faith Church of God Ministries.Rev. Dr. David M. White is the Pastor and Founder of New Faith Church of God Ministries. Through the inspiration and guidance of God, Rev. started the church in October 2009. He obtained his Pastoral Counselor and Doctor of Divinity degrees in 2009. Rev. is a true and distinct man of God and he let the Word from God direct his every Moves. He is a powerful Man of God who truly understands the Word in the Holy Scripture and he has led so many broken hearted people to God. Rev. Dr. David is very versatile with the issues that affect man and women in the World and through his own personal experiences, he is able to translate the Word of God to the Lives of people and immediate change is seen. Through the inspiration and direction of God, Rev. fasted on numerous occasions and during one of his fasting he went without Food and water for 21 days. He came out from this fast full with the powers and healing that Christ has. Rev. Himself is a true testimony of the Healing Power of God, he suffered with a Brain sickness & eye sight loss for many Years and the doctors told him there was no Hope for his disease and the only solution was death but through his belief and the mighty Power of God he has been completely healed for more than 3 years now. Through his Healing, Rev. Dr. David White has been used mightily by God to heal many people with diseases that ranges from cancer, heart attack, brain issue, barrenness and others.
Rev. Dr. David White is a distinct counselor in marital issues, spiritual guidance, saving souls and leading men and women to Christ. He is also a loving and kind Husband and Father, so he is a role model to many men who seek to be better people in the society.  Rev. preaching is in-depth from the Book of Life and lives are transformed instantly by the anointed Voice of this Man of God.

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