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Success Scripture February 24, 2009

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The Fatherhood Of God

The Lord's Prayer opens with a reverent address which says:
"Our Father which art in heaven" - Matthew 6:9.


This indicates a relationship between the one who prays and the One to whom prayer is directed. It is like a father-child relationship, which is one of the factors that enhance prayer. The bible says "As many as received him (Jesus) to them gave he power to become the sons of God." - John 1:12. Why not accept Jesus now and make God your heavenly Father. Rom. 8:9.

The word FATHER is used to describe a man who through natural reproduction begets children. Apart from this, the word has a number of other meanings:

  1. A FOUNDER i.e. the first ancestor of a tribe or nation. Gen.15:15; Gen.17:4-5
  2. AN AUTHOR (beginner) OR INVENTOR of any art or profession as in Gen. 4:20 - 21 and thus Abraham was the Father of all them that believes God. (Gal. 3:6 - 7; John 8:39 - 44).
  3. It as well represents the MAKER of anything especially a CREATOR. In this sense God is called the FATHER of men and angels (Isa.63:16; 64:8; Eph.3:14 - 15; James 1:17; Heb. 12:9; Acts 17:2, 26, 29).

The Greek equivalent of father is PATER, which literally means NOURISHER, PROTECTOR: a person who is acknowledged as exercising the most authority within a family, household, or group. Every father has the vital duty of providing good, clothing, shelter, comfort and protection for his household II Cor. 12:14; I Tim. 5:8; Matt. 8:5; Prov. 31:27.


The position and authority of a father is that of the head of the family. Gen. 3:16; II cor. 11:3. Among the ancient Jews, children and even the grand children continued under the roof of the father and grandfather. They laboured on his account and were most submissive of his servants. The property of the soil, the power of judgment, civil rights belonged to him only, and his sons were merely his instruments and assistants. The father's blessings were regarded as conferring special benefit, but his curse special injury. Gen. 9:25; 18 - 27; 48:15 - 16, Gen. 20:49

God's care and concern is greater than that of our earthly parents, besides he can do all things we desire of Him. Luke 11:9 - 13; Matt. 7:7 - 11; Mark 11:24. A realization of God's unlimited ability to provide our needs should make us honor, adore and respect Him as we make our requests known unto Him.

The father as the Head of the household has the obligation, incumbent on him, of bringing up his children in the fear of God, making them well acquainted with the precepts of the law and generally acting as their instructor and guide. Exo.12:26-27; Deut. 6:5 - 7, 4:9, 11:18 - 19, 31:12 - 13. He had to train, nurture and control the children Prov. 22:6; Isa. 38:19; Prov. 13:24; 19:18; Prov. 22:15; 23:13. In the same token God has greater duty and right of controlling, directing and guiding us through His word as it is written "All scripture is given by the inspiration of God and it is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction if righteousness." -II Tim. 3:16-17; Psalm 119:9-11; Josh.1:8.

It was strictly required of children to obey their fathers and be subject to them. Exo. 20:12; Lev.19:3-32; Deut.27:16; Prov. 30:17; Isa. 45:10; Matt.15:4; Prov.1:8; 6:20; 7:1; 23:22; I Tim. 5:1-2. Disobedience and rebellion were forbidden Heb. 12:15-19.

This week: Know that God, as a father, loves you and He sees all you are going through. He opens His hand to help you, to assist you, and to be a "Father" onto you. Consider the story of the prodigal son. (Luke 15:11-32). He can do the same for you this week. If only you return onto HIM. Are you a child of God? In praying, do you address God as a humble child will address a beloved father? If this is not the case, you can start this type of relationship with God today. The bible says "As many as received him (Jesus) to them gave he power to become the sons of God." -John 1:12. Why not accept Jesus now, make God your heavenly Father (Rom.8:9), and to the Fatherhood of God.

The economy of this world may be in recession but God's economy is always strong. He is the only one that has the stimulus package that can solve your life's problems. He wants to take care of you as a father, even when you have not done that for your children. He loves you more than you love your self.

Beloved, as you connect to the Father this week I want to rejoice with you, "You're in good hands." We are always available to help you and to love you. if you want us to pray with you, contact us at today.

Remember this as you navigate this week: "if ye being evil know how to give good gifts unto your children how much more shall your Father which is in heaven give good things to them that ask of him." Matthew. 7:11

You are blessed, we love you!

Bliss & Fire Network Team

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