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Prayer & Fasting | ...21 Days Corporate prayer & fasting

Day 3 of 21 Days - Corporate Prayer and Fasting 2018


People of God, Let’s pray these seven prayer points,

Repentance and Transformation Prayers | Day 1 - 7
Consecration and Empowerment Prayers | Day 8 - 14
Anointing and Prophesying | Day 14 - 21

1. LORD, I pray, create in me a clean heart and renew a right Spirit within me. Cast me not away from THY presence, and take not THY HOLY SPIRIT from me. Restore unto me the Joy of THY Salvation, and uphold me with THY SPIRIT. (Psalm 51:10-12)

2. LORD, be thou exalted O God above the heavens and let THY Glory be above all the earth. The enemy rises against us each day but we kept our eyes on YOU, LORD—the GOD of our Salvation. Today by the power of THY SPIRIT, we are delivered from all. Amen! (Psalm 57:5)

3. FATHER GOD, we pray, Sanctify us through THY Truth, THY Word is TRUTH, let our hearts desire YOUR Word and Presence more than ever before Amen! (John 17:17)

4. FATHER GOD, we pray that we obtain mercy and Grace from THY Presence LORD. As people called by YOUR Name, we stand in awe of THY Presence for thou LORD art good and ready to forgive—and plenteous in Mercy unto all them that call upon THEE. (Psalm 86:5)

5. Oh LORD GOD our Deliverer! Today we look up to YOU. We pray that YOU give that which is good and cause our land to yield her increases in this season, and multiply our increases wherever we may be. Bless the works of our hands. Amen! (Psalm 86:12)

6. GOD of all creation, we pray THEE, let YOUR Divine Transformation takes place in our lives, family, ministry, and all that concerns us. Let our Nation experience YOUR Divine Transformation. The Transformation that will change our lives and situation for the BEST.

7. Almighty GOD, satisfy us early with YOUR Mercy, that we rejoice and be glad all our days in JESUS CHRIST Mighty Name. Let YOUR work appear unto us, and YOUR Glory unto our children. Amen! (Psalm 90:14, Psalm 90:16)